Research Trip in the Tarim Basin, China (August 2005)

Noboru Ogata (Kyoto University)

We made a field trip in and around the Tarim Basin , Xinjiang , China in August 2005 as a part of our research project. Our research purpose is to locate remains of ancient settlements along the Silk Road using satellite imagery. The following is our record and pictures taken during the trip. Results of our research will be published in academic meetings or papers.

August 12 : Traveled from Wulumuqi to Korla.

Sunflower field near Yanqi (Karashahr)
Mountain road between Yanqi and Korla

August 13 : Traveled from Korla to Miran traversing the eastern edge of the Tarim Basin.

Swampy area near the end of Tarim River
Typical landscape of settlements in the oases

The end of Tarim River
Poplar trees in sandstorm


Oncoming car with headlights lit
Sand ripples in the wind

August 14 : Made a research on the ruins of Miran.

Tamarisk cone in the Miran site
Fort ruins of Miran in the twilight

August 15 : Traveled from Miran to Ruoqiang (Charkhlik).

Route from Miran to Ruochang crossing a dry riverbed

August 16 : Visited ruins near Rouqiang.

Peculiar type of banks of Charkhlik River
Edge of the fluvial terrace near Ruoqiang

August 17 : Traveled from Ruoqiang to Qiemo (Cherchen). Visited ruins near Qiemo in the afternoon.

Small oasis on the way to Qiemo
Cherchen River with its bank destroyed by the risen water


Manor house in Qiemo, now used as a museum
Settlement ruins near Qiemo

August 18 : Traveled from Qiemo to Luntai traversing the Takla Makan Desert.

Dunes in the desert
Desert Highway and paralleling shelterbelts


Tarim River
Lunch in a market town near the Tarim River Bridge

August 19 : Travelled from Luntai to Turpan. Visited Jiaohe city ruins near Turpan in the afternoon.

Jiaohe city ruins
Precipitous cliffs enclosing Jiaohe city ruins


Buddhist stupas in Jiaohe city ruins
Evening bazaar in Turpan

August 20 : Visited Gaochang city ruins and Huoyanshan then travelled to Beijing via Wulumuqi.

Gaochang city ruins
Northern part of the city wall, Gaochang city ruins


Huoyanshan (Flaming Mountains) in the north of the Gaochang oasis

August 21 : Travelled from Beijing home.

The Forbidden City of Beijing

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