«M3» feature, a Buddhist shrine with a stupa, in the Miran Settlement Ruins. In 1907, Marc Aurel Stein discovered wall paintings depicting winged men at this site.

That it was different with the interior wall of the cella became increasingly certain during the afternoon of the same day [January 31, 1907] that the clearing of the circular passage proceeded, and fragments of painted stucco kept cropping up rapidly from the débris in its north-eastern and south-eastern segments. Yet when the digging had there reached a level of about four feet from the floor, and the topmost portion of a cleverly painted dado, showing the heads of fine winged angel-like figures, began to disclose itself on the wall, my surprise was so great that at first I found it hard to believe my eyes.

— Aurel Stein (1921) Serindia, p. 494.

Photographed by Noboru Ogata (2005)