Geographic Data Processing — Examples of Computer Programming in C++

Noboru Ogata (Kyoto University)

The following are the examples of computer programming for geographic data processing. To simplify the programming, the examples are implemented as console applications. Students can study the principles of geographic data processing by inspecting source codes presented here.

Example 1 — Geomorphometric Analysis ... Updated!

mapRaster2 includes some analytical commands for terrain data (DEM). Here we present the C++ language source codes implementing those operations for educational purposes. Students can use these source codes as templates to develop their own operating programs.


Extracted ridge lines from the terrain model

Example 2 — Network Analysis Based on the Graph Theory

Procedures for network analysis based on the graph theory have many fields of application including car navigation systems and studies of social networks. We present basic procedures for network analysis here, using a hypothetical railway network as an example.


Hypothetical railway network

Last Updated: 12/Jul/2010