CORONA satellite photo over Sisupalgarh near Bhubaneswar (7/Apr/1967).

The archaeological site of Sisupalgarh lies near Bhubaneswar. It is a ruin of a square shaped walled city having a moat and eight gates. At each gate the wall is projected to strengthen defence, so that the city looks as if it had eight horns. There seems to be a monument at the center of the city.

According to Lal (1958), the foundation of the settlement of Sisupalgarh is considered to date back to the third century BC. It is speculated that the site can be identified as the capital of the ancient Kalinga State, which was referred to in the inscriptions of the Edicts of Emperor Asoka.

CORONA satellite photos are available from U. S. Geological Survey, EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD, USA.