Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

imageRaster — Satellite Image Data Processing Software

By Noboru Ogata


Handles single waveband from satellite image data for displaying. It can also display results of simple filtering processes such as edge enhancement.


Reads three wavebands from satellite image data for displaying them in a composite false color image.


Reads visible waveband and infrared waveband, calculates normalized vegetation index (NDVI) and then displays it in a pseudo color image.


Reads two wavebands and uses them for land cover classification. It is done by displaying two dimensional histogram for any rectangular area in a satellite image and setting a rectangular region in the pixel-value space to set corresponding land cover category.


Reads two wavebands and uses them for land cover classification using maximum likelihood method. It is done by selecting training areas representing typical land cover categories in a satellite image.

The above LANDSAT TM data over the Kyoto Basin was
received and processed by NASDA and distributed by RESTEC.